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Skin pack or Blister pack? Find out the differences
blister and skin packaging machinery
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Skin pack solutions

Skin pack is the ideal solution for protecting large and small goods, transporting them safely, stopping them from being stolen and, above all, making them look attractive for customers. Find out more
blister pack machinery

Blister pack solutions

Blister pack is the ideal solution for goods that are to be put on display. This type of packaging protects the product and enhances it by allowing the cardboard section to be customized. Find out more
packaging films and cardboard

Special materials

We design the products that we use for our packaging solutions ourselves, studying the composition of every single component, from the cardboard to the films, right through to the heat-activated, water-based glues. Go to consumables


You, our main focus The main focus of our business is You. Everything that we design, produce and implement is aimed at satisfying our customers, who choose us not because we're the least expensive option, but because we offer the very best. Over the years, we’ve built up a reputation of which we’re extremely proud, and which we are committed to maintaining , thanks to our tried and tested, efficient system. Find out more

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Skin pack for all

Is skin pack really only an option for large companies handling large volumes on a large scale? Absolutely not. APM produces packaging machinery to meet all requirements, even for those who need to package small items in small quantities.

Advantages of (semi) automatic machines

For those who have to package a range of very different products in varying quantities, and would like help in managing and coordinating their production cycle, then a semi-automatic skin packing machine may be the perfect solution.
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