Advantages of (semi) automatic machines

For those who have to package a range of very different products in varying quantities, and would like help in managing and coordinating their production cycle, then a semi-automatic skin packing machine may be the perfect solution: this allows you to package an incredibly wide range of products in all different shapes and sizes, using a hard cardboard backing - suitably treated - with a thermoplastic film being sealed on top.

The programmable logic microprocessor (PLC) installed in the machine controls all processing phases; this means that manual intervention is only required to position the objects on the cardboard and to then place the cardboard on the packaging machine's perforated suction worktop.
Once the suction phase is complete, the operator opens the film-holder frame and removes the item of packaging, which will then be trimmed automatically.

The machine is equipped with three accident prevention safety devices: a safety edge underneath the film-holder frame, which stops accidental crushing of any objects or the operator’s hands; an emergency stop button to immediately stop the production cycle; tilting sheet protection to prevent access to the area where the cropping blade is in operation, and an electro-mechanical touch sensor which blocks the frame if it is not closed properly.

You’ll find all the specifications in the technical data sheet; if you have any questions, give us a call and come visit us!