Affordable blister packing

Do you have a small or medium-sized company and dream of being able to package your own products, without spending a fortune? APM has the answer. If you need to pack limited quantities of products and want to make a sound investment, we’ve designed the manual “BWM Model” blister welding machine. This multi-purpose machine is easy-to-use and is operated manually, thereby reducing the costs of the device at the same time as maintaining the quality of the final packaging.

It’s convenient and intuitive to use: the individual plastic shells are loaded into the specific cavities in the wooden table that has an ad hoc shape; cardboard is placed on the relative shells and within reference pegs arranged on the wooden table; the mobile top is pushed towards the inside of the machine, the "welding” station, and is then extracted after the set time has elapsed. And, there you go, your blister pack ready!

Interested? You’ll find all the specifications in the technical data sheet.
Want to see it in action? Come and visit us!