Skin pack for all

Is skin pack really only an option for large companies handling large volumes on a large scale?
Absolutely not.
APM produces machines to meet all requirements, even for those who need to package small items in small quantities.
For example: the MSP Model, a manual packaging machine. With a worktop measuring 350 x 500 mm, it's about as big as a photocopier, and can package objects with a height of up to 180 mm.

This machine is easy-to-use and very versatile, with a number of manual controls that allow for output to be customized. It comes equipped with a manual trimmer to crop the film, a roll-holder support, side support benches - making it easier to insert the cardboard with the objects and to extract the finished item of packaging - and a fixed worktop that keeps the objects in place for the duration of the work cycle.

With regard to safety, the machine is fitted with an accident prevention device (touch-sensitive edge installed along the front part of the film-holder) and an emergency stop button that immediately stops the work cycle.

The technical data sheet contains all the specifications you need to understand if this is the right product for you. (And if it’s not, no problem: just give us a call and we’ll find the solution that’s best for you!)