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The APM pre-sale programme
Our products contain those of our customers, so they have to be perfect. That's why we dedicate a lot of time and attention to the pre-sale process: we want our customers to be absolutely sure that they've chosen the right solution when they sign the contract, the solution that perfectly suits their needs.
And if they don’t need something, we won't sell it to them.

To help you to analyse and choose the service that’s right for you, over the years, we've perfected our pre-sale process:

Make the most of our consulting services

Our company is like a Research and Development lab that’s always open. Bring us your ideas or the designs you've already sketched out, and we’ll be happy to go over them with you in order to create exactly what you had in mind. And if you come across a problem, remember that challenges bring out the best in us: we’ll definitely find a solution.

Come and visit us

Visit our facilities, take a look at our machines in operation, touch the films and the cardboard, check out how strong our glues are. If we’re going to work together, we want you to know where your products will be coming from, how they’ll be handled and who will be taking care of them. And we want you to be sure of the quality of our work.

Do a test drive

Come along with a sample of your products: we’ll test them there and then, creating a packaging prototype that you can keep to show to your customers and begin market research on its effectiveness. Many of our competitors work with catalogues, but we want to offer you a unique service that’s custom-made to meet your needs.

Talk to our customers

Within the packaging solutions industry, there are lots of different ways of working.We respect them all, but we believe ours is the best, and we're so convinced that we let our customers do the talking for us. We’ll introduce you to them and you can ask them - in private - anything you want to know, even the most uncomfortable questions.

Choose the right solution

Our work is never “standard”, it changes based on the requirements of whoever contacts us: that’s why we only close a sale once we're sure that we’ve found the best solution, and that's also why we don’t need to offer a money back guarantee.
The machines and products that we sell work well and last (for a very long time - more than 20 years) and, if electrical and mechanical parts break down, we guarantee to replace them for one year. For anything else, we're always on hand, 24 hours a day. If you need us, we’ll be there.

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