ASP Model

Automatic packaging machine
A basic element of the automatic packaging line, this packaging system is composed of a 70x50 Skin-pack system equipped with automatic opening and closing of the frames. This automatic packaging system has been completed with a self-propelled-cylinder punching device for the cutting and blooming of individual packages.The positioning of sheets before packaging and the extraction of those sheets after packaging is completely manual.

The plant can be equipped by accessories that be able to get faster the job times, that is:
AUTOMATIC LOADER cardboard to have package
automatic packaging loader
Automatic loader The automatic loader allows for the packing sheets to be automatically inserted.
This is a pneumatically-operated feeder bench that positions the sheets on the worktop.
Upon request, it can be fitted with a “TEMPLATE” and “FEEDER”, two tools that make it easier to manually position the objects on the cardboard and automatically load the cardboard onto the feeder bench in a synchronised way.
automatic wrapping system
SASP Model wrapping machine The SASP Model automatic packaging system is an extremely versatile piece of machinery, as it can wrap both display products and products to be stored or fragile materials to be shipped.
packaging system for automatic lines
Punch-cutting machine for automatic lines Punch-cutting machines for automatic lines are suitable for cutting and punching individual packaging items that have already been thermoformed.
This simple operation involves placing the preformed cardboard with the objects on a wooden die cutter equipped with blades and then passing it underneath a hydraulic cylinder which applies light pressure in order to cut into the cardboard, separating the single parts.