BWM Model

Blister packaging machine
blister packaging machine
An extremely versatile blister packaging machine with an immediately evident method of operation, this mechanical packing machine has been designed to efficiently resolve the requirements of blister-packing articles in small and medium-sized batches, at extremely reasonable costs thanks to the considerable adaptibility of its format.

The type of welding is by heat, by contact, the operation is mechanical, the setting of welding time is on automatic timer and the setting of the temperature is on automatic thermoregulator, the work cycle is about 6/8 seconds.

How it works

blister packaging shells
Loading individual shells into the specific cavities carved into the wooden table, previously shaped depending on the type of shell and cardboard to be joined together.
blister pack machine
Inserting objects into each shell; placing cardboard on the relative shells and within reference pegs arranged on the shaped wooden table.
blister welding machine
Pushing the mobile top towards the inside of the blister packaging machine; welding; extracting the mobile top once welding is complete; removing the packaging created.