APM produces, assembles and personalises highly-specialised consumables, such as rolls of plastic film in a range of heights and thicknesses, cardboard and cardboard boxes. We work together with an external graphics studio and our in-house team provides consulting services in order to customize the materials used.
We design and produce the support materials for our packaging ourselves: our paper and cardboard, available in varying thicknesses, are designed to obtain the best results with our machines and when combined with the other materials that we use (glues, adhesive films, plastics). Upon request, they can also be customized with different colours, patterns and logos, provided by either the customer or by one of the graphics studios that we work with.
As part of our production process, we only use plastics that have been made based on our instructions and that we've tried and tested in our own laboratories, so that we can certify their quality. Heat-sensitive films used for skin packing are also designed to work best with our patented glues, such as the water-based glue, and to be used in general with all our support materials (card and cardboard). This guarantees excellent performance and perfectly sealed packaging.