SASP Model

Skin wrapping machine
skin packaging machine
An extremely versatile skin packaging machine solution that provides wrapping for display packs (self-service, etc.), products meant for storage, or fragile goods due to be shipped.
The work cycle is completely automatic since it is governed by microprocessor (PLC); the operator simply feeds in the card and then removes it after the wrapping has been completed.

This skin packaging machine comes with a suction pump that guarantees better packaging results and its noise level meets the new regulatory norms. In addition, the machine is equipped with three (3) different protective accident-preventing devices. Compositional make-up in conformity with EU standards.

How it works

skin packaging machine heating elements
The film is heated using tubular heating elements in order to achieve optimal heating, especially along the external borders of the cardboard, and to perfectly and uniformly seal the thermoplastic film. The heating elements can be activated in groups, allowing for guided heat adjustment.
skin packaging machine automatic mechanisms
Automatic mechanisms: movement of the carriage with the heating elements; timer for the heating process; lowering of the film-holder carriage at the end of the set time; pneumatic cropper for the thermoplastic film equipped with protective casing.
skin packaging machine safety devices
Skin packaging machine safety devices: mechanical safety edge inserted underneath the film-holder frame, which stops accidental crushing of any objects or the operator’s hands; emergency stop button to immediately stop the work cycle; tilting sheet protection to prevent access to the area where the cropping blade is in operation; electro-mechanical touch sensor which blocks the action of the frame if it is not closed properly.