ABWM Model

Blister pack machine
blister pack machine
A thermal blister pack machine made to respond efficiently and economically to the packing needs of medium and large quantity, and composed of two automatic rotating stations with mechanical working plates, for the thermal welding of preformed shells in PVC (or PET) with cartons suitably printed, treated and stamped out. The loading of the shells, the individual cartons, and the successive extraction of the welded package is carried out completely manually by the operator. The blister pack machine does not require a pneumatic connection as it's functions work by means of mechanical procedures only. Weld type by heat contact , production rate 1 cycle every 6/8 seconds.

How it works

blister-welder machine
The operator manually loads the shells, cardboard and the objects to be packed and then manually removes the sealed items of packaging.
electro-mechanical blister pack machine
The blister pack machine does not require any pneumatic connection as it works using electro-mechanical procedures.