MSP Model

Skin pack machine
skin pack machine
A skin pack machine specially designed for small batch production or for preparing samples. The machine works mechanically and is operated by hand, eliminating the need for a pneumatic system.

How it works

skin pack machine heating elements
Film is heated using tubular heating elements; the duration of the heating process can be adjusted with an automatic timer; the frame holding the film is automatically lowered at the end of heat exposure.
skin pack machine roll-holder side support
Roll-holder side support; side support benches with completely free access to the worktops, making it easier to insert the cardboard with the objects (to the left) and to remove the finished packaging item (to the right).
skin pack machine safety devices
Skin pack machine safety devices: emergency stop button to immediately stop the work cycle; touch-sensitive border installed along the edge of the front part of the film-holding frame; fixed worktop, meaning the products remain in place for the duration of the work cycle.