Blister pack is a type of plastic packaging used for objects.
It is produced by heating rolls of plastic that is suitable for this purpose, and shaping them into transparent cavities using moulds to create the desired shape. The main difference compared to skin pack is that blister packing is created separately from the product.
Our blister packs are produced with materials that we’ve tested ourselves, using made-to-measure moulds. Once the plastic casing has been made, it is joined to a cardboard backing which is customized according to the customer's requirements.
Blister packaging machine An extremely versatile blister packaging machine with an immediately evident method of operation, this mechanical packing machine has been designed to efficiently resolve the requirements of blister-packing articles in small and medium-sized batches, at extremely reasonable costs thanks to the considerable adaptibility of its format.

The type of welding is by heat, by contact, the operation is mechanical, the setting of welding time is on automatic timer and the setting of the temperature is on automatic thermoregulator, the work cycle is about 6/8 seconds.
Blister pack machine A thermal blister pack machine made to respond efficiently and economically to the packing needs of medium and large quantity, and composed of two automatic rotating stations with mechanical working plates, for the thermal welding of preformed shells in PVC (or PET) with cartons suitably printed, treated and stamped out. The loading of the shells, the individual cartons, and the successive extraction of the welded package is carried out completely manually by the operator. The blister pack machine does not require a pneumatic connection as it's functions work by means of mechanical procedures only. Weld type by heat contact , production rate 1 cycle every 6/8 seconds.
Custom-made for your business Here at APM, we work to satisfy our customers, and by satisfy we mean fulfilling every single one of their desires. That’s why, in addition to our standard range of equipment, we also custom-make machines to meet the exact requirements of our individual customers. If you have a particular request, just call us: we’ll work out the best solution together.