Skin pack is a packaging system where the product is “welded” to a piece of cardboard using a sheet of plastic film. The film is heated to make it easy to shape and is then moulded around the object and stuck to the cardboard backing using specific glues. The main difference compared to blister packing is that skin pack goes over and around the product, and is not created separately from it.
We've tested and perfected all of the materials used in our skin packing, from the cardboard to the plastics, right through to the heat-activated glues.
Before attaching the plastic film, the cardboard backing can be customized with the logo and graphics chosen by the customer; we can also increase the thickness of the plastic film in order to guarantee an even more robust packaging solution.
Skin pack machine A skin pack machine specially designed for small batch production or for preparing samples. The machine works mechanically and is operated by hand, eliminating the need for a pneumatic system.
Skin wrapping machine An extremely versatile skin packaging machine solution that provides wrapping for display packs (self-service, etc.), products meant for storage, or fragile goods due to be shipped.
The work cycle is completely automatic since it is governed by microprocessor (PLC); the operator simply feeds in the card and then removes it after the wrapping has been completed.

This skin packaging machine comes with a suction pump that guarantees better packaging results and its noise level meets the new regulatory norms. In addition, the machine is equipped with three (3) different protective accident-preventing devices. Compositional make-up in conformity with EU standards.
Automatic packaging machine A basic element of the automatic packaging line, this packaging system is composed of a 70x50 Skin-pack system equipped with automatic opening and closing of the frames. This automatic packaging system has been completed with a self-propelled-cylinder punching device for the cutting and blooming of individual packages.The positioning of sheets before packaging and the extraction of those sheets after packaging is completely manual.

The plant can be equipped by accessories that be able to get faster the job times, that is:
AUTOMATIC LOADER cardboard to have package
Custom-made for your business Here at APM, we work to satisfy our customers, and by satisfy we mean fulfilling every single one of their desires. That’s why, in addition to our standard range of equipment, we also custom-make machines to meet the exact requirements of our individual customers. If you have a particular request, just call us: we’ll work out the best solution together.